Levee Board Commissioners held Special Board Meeting

The Levee Board Commissioners held a Special Board Meeting yesterday to discuss the situation and take necessary action.

  • A Flood Fight Organizational Meeting to be held early next week.
  • The levee Inspectors will begin inspecting the levee early next week.
  • The Mississippi River & Tributaries Project (MR&T Project) is being utilized to pass this major highwater event.
  • The Corps of Engineers and the Mississippi River Commission have been engaged and they have been getting organized and making preparations to open floodways if needed. Reservoirs are being utilized to slow the amount of water getting into the system while trying to pass the crest.
  • The Item 463L contractor is placing limestone on top of the newly enlarged levee near Lake Chotard so that the Eagle Lake Residents can utilize Hwy 465 on top of the levee to get in & out. A public meeting will be held at the Eagle Lake Fire Department this afternoon at 4pm to discuss the situation with Eagle Lake residents.
  • MDOT officials are preparing for MS Hwy 465 and MS Hwy 149 to go underwater next week. With this current forecast and situation - we will not have to lock down the levee.

So far so good!

We do not anticipate any problems with our levee system at this predicted forecast.

Click here for Long Range Forecast in pdf.


Peter Nimrod
Chief Engineer
MS Levee Board (662)334-4813