Mississippi River Forecast - January 15, 2016

Great News!
The MS River is falling at Arkansas City and Greenville and it is cresting at Vicksburg!
The long range forecast shows the River falling faster than what was earlier predicted!

Current MS River Gage Readings (7pm):
Arkansas City     43.9’ - down 0.3’ in past 24 hours
Greenville     55.9’ - down 0.2’ in past 24 hours
Vicksburg     50.1’ - down 0.1’ since 8am today

2016 Crests:
Arkansas City     Crested at 44.3’ on Wednesday, January 13th
Greenville     Crested at 56.2’ on Thursday, January 14th
Vicksburg     Cresting at 50.2’ today Friday, January 15th

Yazoo Backwater Area:
The Steele Bayou Structure is closed and is holding out 9.8’ of water. The current landside gage reading is 89.5’. The landside will get to 90.5’ with the current water on the ground. With normal rainfall the Yazoo Backwater will get up to 94’.

Carter Area/Wolf Lake Area:
With the cresting at Vicksburg, the Carter Area/Wolf Lake Area is predicted to reach ~99.5’.

Our levee inspectors with the Corps of Engineers and the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Joint Water Management District are continuing to do an excellent job in monitoring levee slides, noting underseepage, and searching for, locating and monitoring pin boils and sandboils.

The relief wells and landside seepage berms that have been installed following the Epic 2011 Flood are continuing to doing their job because we are finding no problems in these areas which were major problem areas for us in 2011.  In 2011 we used over ten thousands sandbags to fight sandboils!  This year we haven’t had to use a single sandbag at any of these major problem areas!

We do have minor seepage problem areas but the Mississippi Levee Board Crew is working overtime shoring up these minor problem areas. The Crew has used approximately 250 sandbags ringing around sandboils, barreled off 6 small sandboils, and blocked off several ditch culverts – all to put a head of water on top of sandboils to prevent the movement of material. None of these sandboils were jeopardizing the levee – but we want to error of the side of caution!

We have seen no major problem areas along our levee system!

Unless something changes drastically – this will be my last report on the River for this historically high January Mississippi River highwater event.  Hopefully the River will fall out dramatically and get back to normal levels before the Spring rains start to fall. I appreciate all your support!

God bless you and have a great weekend!


Peter Nimrod
Chief Engineer
MS Levee Board
(662) 334-4813