Election Commission

The members of the Election Commission are responsible for conducting all General and Special Elections in Sharkey County. When contracted, the Election Commission assists the Republican and Democratic Parties with the Primary Elections. The Election Commission is responsible for ensuring that ALL elections are conducted fairly, honestly and most importantly Legal in all areas of the laws of Mississippi. They work as a team to ensure the voter rolls for Sharkey County are as clean as possible by removing those voters who have moved or passed away. Members of the Election Commission are Elected Officials that serve a four year term and there are no limitations to the number of consecutive terms that can be served. Commissioners must be qualified electors in Sharkey County and a resident of the Supervisor District in which they are a candidate. They operate under the authority of MS Code Annotated 23-15-211 (1972) Members of the Election Commission are mandatorily required to attend Certification Training annually, conducted by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office, to be certified to conduct elections.

District 1
Bertha Lindsey
32 Pinkins Rd
Rolling Fork, MS 39159

District 2
Vickey Seaton
P.O. Box 218
Rolling Fork, MS 39159

District 3
Dorothy Pearson
86 Pecan St
Rolling Fork, MS 39159

District 4
Paul A. Alford
PO Box 282
Anguilla, MS 38721

District 5
Jan Pearson
P.O. Box 218
Rolling Fork, MS 39159

Duties of the Election Commission

  • Building the database in Statewide Elections Management System.
  • Hiring and training Poll Managers.
  • Preparing and printing ballots, and securing all election supplies.
  • Downloading the Election Database in Global Elections Management System.
  • Burning memory cards for the election.
  • Testing and preparing voting machines and ballot encoders for the election, and preparing poll books.
  • Compiling precinct results on Election Day, certifying election results, and providing election data to the public.